Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Medical professional liability insurance, also referred to as “medical malpractice insurance,” is essential for protecting your reputation and practice.  Choose between a claims-made policy or an “occurrence type” modified claims-made policy to get the professional liability coverage that best fits your needs.  We offer competitive rates, premium discounts for eligible members, and a variety of benefits with your policy.  

Claims-Made Policy

Conventus’ claims-made policy covers malpractice claims when the following conditions are both met: 

  • The incident occurs while your claims-made policy is active
  • The claim is filed while your policy is active

Tail coverage* is included in the policy at no additional cost in the event of death, permanent disability, or retirement (must meet a minimum retirement age of 55, have five consecutive years of claims-made coverage, and one year of claims-made coverage with Conventus).  If the policy is canceled or expires and you do not qualify for free tail coverage, you can purchase it for protection from claims that are filed after the policy period has ended.  

Occurrence Type Policy

(also known as Modified Claims-Made Policy)

Conventus’ occurrence type policy provides coverage similar to a claims-made policy, but it prepays tail coverage.  Malpractice claims are covered regardless of when the claim is filed.  If an incident occurred while your policy was active but the resulting claim was filed after your policy expired, you’re still covered.    

Additional Coverages and Benefits

With Conventus, you also receive additional coverages and benefits with your chosen professional liability insurance policy. These benefits, which are available to both independent practices and large groups, help reduce costs and lower the risk of claims against your practice.

Contact us online or call (877) 444-0484 x. 7466 to request a quote and learn about insurance premium discounts, flexible payment plan options, and member benefits.

Disclaimer: Coverage is available to physicians licensed in and practicing medicine in New Jersey.  Any descriptions of insurance coverages set forth above provide a broad overview of coverages only.  All coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limits of liability, limitations, and exclusions as contained in the policy.

*Tail coverage, also known as extended reporting coverage, covers malpractice claims that are filed after your claims-made policy is terminated as long as the alleged incident occurred while your policy was still active.