Regulatory Board Actions Defense

When a patient complaint puts your medical license at risk, it’s critical to have strong legal defense. Regulatory Board Actions Defense from Conventus defends your reputation and practice to help you get through difficult regulatory proceedings brought by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (BME) or another agency that threatens your license. 
Medical License Regulatory Defense Coverage
Regulatory Board Actions Defense provides coverage dedicated to defending your medical license and privileges from being revoked or restricted. We automatically add this coverage to your Conventus professional liability insurance policy at no additional premium.
  • $25,000 limit for legal defense in STARK, DEA, and other disciplinary or enforcement proceedings
When is a Physician at Risk? 
A physician may be at risk of losing their license to practice medicine when an allegation of substandard care, unsafe behavior, insufficient record keeping, dishonesty, or other unprofessional conduct is made to the NJ BME or similar regulatory agency. Investigations and formal hearings from a complaint can lead to disciplinary action against the physician, including large fines, costs, and license suspension or revocation.

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