HIPAA Compliance Defense

Even with compliance plans in place, HIPAA violations can still occur accidently, damaging your bottom line and reputation. Because of this, we add legal defense coverage for violations of HIPAA at no additional premium to your Conventus professional liability policy. With our HIPAA Compliance Defense solution, your practice can get through difficult regulatory legal proceedings and avoid paying devastating expenses.
HIPAA Legal Defense Coverage
HIPAA Compliance Defense provides legal defense when a violation of HIPAA’s Privacy or Security Rule is reported. We automatically add this coverage to your Conventus professional liability insurance policy.
  • Defense limit of $25,000 provided at no additional premium

Conventus covers both independent physicians and large groups. Our GROUP PROTECT option lists multiple physicians on one policy, allowing you to manage your practice coverage’s more easily.
What is HIPAA Compliance?
HIPAA requires medical practices to employ administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that protect the privacy of patient’s protected health information (PHI). This federal law provides privacy rights to patients and sets conditions for how their health information can be used and disclosed. Practices that fail to comply with HIPAA requirements are subject to serious penalties.

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