EHR Consultation Service

Identify possible weaknesses in your electronic health record (EHR) system and improve patient care through Conventus’ EHR Consultation Service. Medical practices who participate in this review process are better equipped to avoid HIPAA regulatory fines and recognize risk exposures that can impact patient safety. They can also better maintain accurate patient data and defend against a malpractice claim, if needed.

Complimentary with your Conventus membership, this consultative service is a collaborative, educational process conducted by our in-house EHR risk consultant at your office.

Our 3-Step EHR Assessment Process
Step 1: Identify EHR Risks and Loopholes
Identifies potential weaknesses in your current EHR system, including lost test results that can result in a missed diagnosis, regulatory issues that can lead to HIPAA fines up to $1.5 million, and other areas in need of improvement.
Step 2: Evaluate Root Causes
Examines the flow of information within your EHR system and what might be increasing your risk, including missing modules, regulatory issues, and more.
Step 3: Provide Solutions
Provides a detailed written report of the identified risks and their recommendations. Includes why these are pitfalls in your practice and outlines solutions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of communicating data between providers, staff, and patients.

Added bonus: Participation in our EHR assessment process could qualify your practice for the Premium Incentive Program, which can positively impact your insurance premium with Conventus.

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