C.A.R.E. Program

Accelerate your journey to excellent patient experience.
Dissatisfied patients could mean more than just lost business for you and your independent medical practice – reimbursement could be lost, too. Complimentary for Conventus members, the C.A.R.E. (Conventus Associate in Risk Excellence) Program helps you combine quality of care with a positive patient experience. Our healthcare experts walk you and your staff through customer service techniques and strategies that improve patient engagement throughout the entire office experience.


Get training customized to address your unique challenges.
Choose one of our educational modules to begin, or continue, your journey to patient service excellence. All modules are customizable to match your current practice needs. We can tailor each module to address all levels of staff, including clinical personnel, administrative personnel, physicians, and other providers. That way, you and your staff get the most out of the one-hour session.

Module I: Strengthen Staff and Patient Relationships
Create a practice culture that promotes positive patient experiences and clinical outcomes to improve staff and patient engagement. Our healthcare experts discuss actionable strategies that keep your administrative and clinical staff engaged in their work and build strong, lasting relationships with patients.


Improve and Maintain Staff and Patient Engagement
  • Creating an office environment that keeps staff, patients, and their family members engaged throughout the delivery of care
  • Tackling telephone, scheduling, and other customer service challenges that frustrate patients
  • Listening and following up with patients to help avoid missed diagnoses and lawsuits


Enhance Office Efficiency and Patient Flow
  • Coordinating your workflow and communicating with other staff members to improve office efficiency
  • Tackling frustrations in your daily routine that compromise job performance and patient care
  • Moving patients seamlessly from check in to check out


Module II: Communicate Successfully Using the A.I.D.E.T. Technique
Learn how to implement each component of the A.I.D.E.T. (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank You) communication technique to help patients feel more engaged and trusting of staff from front office to providers to back office. Each of your staff will go through exercises in communicating key words and phrases, making eye contact, and using effective body language.


  • Greet patients and their family members to build trust

  • State your name, role/title, and highlights of the team, practice, or your experience to decrease patient anxiety

  • Provide time estimates of visit, care activities/procedures, and test results to manage patient expectations

  • Communicate what you’re doing and why, patient diagnoses, and treatment plans through easy-to-understand language, listening, and providing answers

Thank You
  • Express appreciation for patients and address unanswered questions or concerns to end each patient visit positively
Module III: Shifting from Volume to Value
Help your staff in understanding the "bigger picture" of healthcare beyond the walls of your practice. Through an engaging and interactive dialog, your staff will learn about the stated goals of improved patient outcomes and experience while reducing costs and how each of their respective roles is not only important, but critical to the ongoing success of your practice.
  • Explains why the current volume-based model has been deemed “unsustainable” and is being replaced by a value-based care delivery model
  • Includes an engaging and interactive dialog with participants about the stated goals of improved patient outcomes and experience while reducing costs
  • Enhances staff understanding how each of their respective roles is critical to the ongoing success of your practice.
Start your journey. Schedule a C.A.R.E. Program Module.
Reserve a day and time for our healthcare experts to train you and your staff at your facility. Each module is one hour and available to Conventus members only at no charge.

Call (877) 444-0484 x. 7466 or contact us online with your desired appointment date and time, module, and/or questions.

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