Conventus members have the opportunity to join one of our committees that function within the framework of the Board of Governors. Here you’ll have a voice to influence and enhance the future of Conventus. 
The following committees represent some of the areas served.

Underwritting Committee
This committee gives input and helps to formulate the underwriting policies of Conventus. Committee members help identify new exposures in medical practices, give clinical advice on new procedures, review and advise on candidates for membership, and make themselves available to the underwriters for phone consultations. 

Claims Committee
This committee is made up of members of various medical specialties. These physicians review potentially large claims and provide their input. They confidentially review claim details, patient charts, and provide their opinion as to the standard of care required. This information is then used to formulate tactics in the defense of the action.

Risk Management (Practice Resource) Committee
This committee confers with the Attorney-in-Fact to develop an effective suite of services to enable practice success for our members in specific areas of their medical practice.  They monitor claim trends to identify problem areas and member activities requiring loss control evaluations, as well as assist in the development of educational programs.  Finally, the committee makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on policies that will implement a comprehensive practice success plan for any member requesting or requiring one.

Professional Affairs Committee
This committee serves as an extension of the sales department working directly with the President. Members provide input and feedback for the Membership Development Team, as well as independent brokers representing Conventus. They also provide expertise on the ‘business’ of medicine to the Conventus management team.

Nominating Committee
This committee is responsible for reviewing all candidates recommended to join the Board of Governors. They determine the candidate’s level of interest and commitment to serving on the Board, inform the candidate of their duties and responsibilities should they be elected, and answer any questions that the candidate may have. They then provide the names of recommended physicians to the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee
Except for the power to amend the rules and to fill vacancies on the Board, the Executive Committee has the power to act for the Board during the interim period between Board meetings.  This committee is also responsible for meeting with potential Board members referred by the Nominating Committee, interviewing the candidates, and making final recommendations to the Board.

Audit and Finance Committee
With the Board of Governors, this committee reviews policies and procedures to reasonably assure the adequacy of internal controls over accounting, administration, compliance with laws and regulations, and financial reporting.  They also review, prior to the annual audit, the scope and general extent of the independent auditor’s planned examination, including their engagement letter.

Practice Management Advisory Committee
This committee consists of office and practice managers from Conventus member practices.  They meet quarterly to review practice resource, claims, underwriting, and marketing updates.  This allows the management team to hear directly from the physician offices in an open forum, providing valuable information on how we can best serve them.

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