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Conventus Case Studies Strategic Planning – Transforming A Practice for Success

Conventus Case Studies Strategic Planning – Transforming A Practice for Success

Challenge.  A Conventus member group practice received lower scores on their Patient Experience of Care Surveys than they had anticipated, which reflected a lack of provider and staff communication with the patient.  The group was recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and participated in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program.  The practice owners and managers needed assistance to increase staff and patient engagement by changing culture and implementing workflow redesign.  In addition, they realized their staff didn’t understand the intent behind PCMH and CPC+, which was to improve patient outcomes.  The staff’s perspective was that it was just “busy work” to comply with governmental reporting requirements, which they felt didn’t relate to patient care.  This frustration was evidenced by job dissatisfaction, and a lack of teamwork, accountability, and patient-centered communication.  The need to address these issues was even more important because the practice was adding more locations and providers.   

[The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of care that aims to improve health care in America by transforming how primary care is organized and delivered, putting patients at the forefront. Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is an advanced PCMH model that rewards value and quality by offering an innovative payment structure to support primary care practices to improve quality, access, and efficiency.]
  • The practice agreed to a Conventus Practice Success Consultation, which is an onsite service to gain an understanding of a practice’s philosophy, organization, and operations.  It provides the basis for identifying strategic planning needs to improve workflow efficiencies, staff and patient engagement, patient safety, and quality of care delivered.  It can also have a positive impact on quality measure scores and reimbursement.   
  • We created a “Roadmap for Success” outlining the project action steps necessary to change culture and implement workflow redesign.
  • We conducted a staff engagement survey to measure current employee engagement, give them a “voice,” identify tangible objectives for change, and provide a baseline to measure improvement.
  • The Conventus team assisted the providers and managers in revising their practice’s vision and mission statements to more closely align with their philosophy of whole person, patient-centered care.
  • We worked together to develop customer service standards to identify, operationalize, and measure provider and staff behaviors necessary to achieve the practice’s vision and mission.  It was also tied to performance and staff incentive programs.
  • We assisted the practice in creating a “Patient and Family Advisory Council” to better understand the patient’s perspective, facilitate patient engagement, improve relationships, and achieve 5-star service excellence.
  • We conducted educational sessions to help energize and engage the staff in understanding the PCMH and CPC+ programs and their importance in the success of the practice, implementing the customer service standards, and identifying areas of improvement to achieve the practice’s vision and mission. 
  • Identified issues were categorized and prioritized to initially address the “low hanging fruit” with solutions considered to be higher impact/lower cost.  The staff was also involved in developing and implementing workflow changes, which increased their “buy-in” and accountability. 
  • Together we developed an “onboarding” orientation for providers and staff to maintain standards consistency throughout all location sites.     
  • The staff engagement survey was subsequently repeated, and showed a significant improvement in staff morale, as well as satisfaction with solutions implemented in areas needing change.
  • Patient Experience of Care Survey scores improved to the 90th percentile, which is the industry “gold standard.”  This also helped the practice solidify its reputation within the community and gain a competitive edge, especially in an environment where patients use social media information to choose providers.
  • Workflow redesign helped staff perform more efficiently, meet PCMH and CPC+ requirements, improve patient flow through the office, decrease wait times, and implement a 24-hour turn-around time for patient call-backs.
  • The physician and administrative leadership were thrilled with the staff’s increased enthusiasm and engagement in the practice’s road to “transformation” and continued success.    Contact us to learn more. https://www.conventusnj.com/contact.aspx